An American film actor John Wayne said: “Tomorrow is the most important thing in life.” How is it important for individuals and countries to think about future rather then focus on the present? What’s your opinion?

Almost every day, every person and society faces one crucial decision – whether we should pay attention to the present time or future more. We must indeed take care of the current issues, but we should also look after the future ahead of us.

Almost nothing can be done without proper planning, and it is critical in every part of our lives: one need to plan how to allocate the money earned, schedule the timetable by filling it with countless to-dos; a country needs to plan its future developments, set goals and help to make the lives of its citizens better. None of these is possible without thinking in advance.

The future is never fixed. It has always been the bounded outcome of many pieces of “present”s. What we do today all contributes to what happens next: every day, any knowledge learned may be useful at an unexpected moment; in a war, every bloodshed pushed us forward to a more peaceful future; when a disaster occurs, it is always a chain of critical events that caused the unimaginable. Only with proper planning can we lead us to the future we want and need, or chaos steps in.

Although it is very real that at times tomorrow seems impractical – like in poverty or starvation, not knowing what might come next. Still, thinking about the possible bright future is what we call “hope”, one of the most crucial power powering us forward.

In summary, indeed “now” is essential; we can never underestimate the importance of the “tomorrow”.