Right now, 5G is probably the hottest topic about technology. But on everyone’s cell phones, I think it’ll likely say ‘4G’. ‘G’…is for ‘generation’. That is, it’s the fourth-generation mobile communication system. Yep! 5G is the fifth mobile communication system after 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. 5G, as the next generation, will eventually replace, or at least augment, with our existing 4G networks.

Now you’ll be wondering ‘what can I do with 5G?’ The most striking feature is [High-speed communication]. Like, when you watch a video, the video or the sound might buffer now and then. You had that experience, right? But when it becomes the era of 5G, those things will disappear!

Other features of 5G are: [Decreased Lag], [Multiple Simultaneous Connections] and [Increased Storage] compared to the current system.

The lag means, when you communicate, you repeat sending and receiving data, but it always takes some time for the network to deliver no matter what you do. Well, that can’t be helped. When we say [Decreased Lag] in 5G, that lag becomes 1/10 of what it was. For example, if I do a live broadcast, let’s say, it takes 5 to 10 seconds for my signal to reach everyone under 4G networks, surprisingly, now it should take less than a second using 5G networks!

Now, I’ll explain about [Multiple Simultaneous Connections]. Right now, the Internet everyone’s using is mostly from smartphones or computers, but in the 2020s, it’s said that the era of IoT will come!

What is IoT? If you ask that, IoT is ‘Internet of Things’. Everything that’s surrounding you will form a system connected to the internet! For example, in just a single self-driving car, it can respond to the current traffic and may find the best route on a real-time basis.

 As to [Increased Storage], which is not really a feature of 5G, sure has something to do with what we talked until now. With the era of 5G coming closer, it is being predicted that contents will have a much larger size. To prepare for that, increased storage is necessary.

And so, today is about the pleasant future, 5G! Still, there exist certain problems on our path towards it. Nationalism and one-sided trade protectionism have made it hard for 5G technologies to be spread globally. In addition, along with the high-speed bandwidth and the superiority of this technology, the pricing is also a problem to solve. 5G, like all the technical advances, is destinated to be an opportunity as well as a challenge.

Thank you.